Regal – Kimbolton Fireworks

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A four cake, 131 shot pre-fused compound comprising of a multitude of low noise and loud effects. Starting with gold and silver glittering comets with bouquets. Blue stars to silver flying fish with crackling flower balls. Whistling silver tails to super bright white glitter and red tails to the most insane gold crackling flowers. Cake two starts with a z-firing fan of blue tails to blue star and silver fish, green tails to huge bursts of gold fizzing wave and green glitter bursts, red tails to red glitter and gold crackle flowers, blue stars to gold glitter and a volley of stunning gold brocade palms and crackling and we’re only half way through!

The law in the UK states that you must be age 18 or over, to legally buy fireworks.

Proof of ID will be required.


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