Henry Bell Essentials 2 Arm Complete Feeding Station

Robust and easy lift lid, for ease of refilling

Can be hung from any tree branch, hook or feeding station

Cage around the feeder allows small birds in, but keeps larger birds and squirrels out

Mesh tube to hold peanuts and suet pellets, and base which catches any fallen food

Height: 330mm

Width: 270mm



This space saving bird feeding station is ideal for all sizes of gardens or urban courtyards when combined with a patio stand (not included).

Complete with 2 Essential feeders (Peanut & Seed). This sturdy metal feeding station is very easy to assemble and creates a perfect feeding environment for wildlife.

The sleek design in cool grey features 2 hooks and easy push button connections. When fully assembled it reaches the height of 2.15m, so making it a safe height, where the wild birds have a good vantage point and are out of reach of predators.

The Essential Bird Feeders are in cool grey featuring an easy opening lid and a removable base for easy cleaning


Width: 41.5cm

Main Pole Diameter 2.2cm

Seed Feeder holds 250g Peanut Feeder holds 250g.



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