Brita Classic Filter- single

Compatible with all BRITA jugs including those with ‘PerfectFit’ feature (Aluna, Marella, Style)

Micro Carbon Pearls reduce chlorine and impurities for improved taste and appearance of food and drinks

Ion Exchange Pearls permanently absorb lead and copper and reduce limescale, for appliance protection



Reduces chlorine which effects taste and odour of food and drink. Reduces limescale, protecting your kitchen appliances such as kettles and coffee machines from build-up and damage. Permanently absorbs and retains metals such as lead and copper. Suitable for all Brita Classic jugs and some retailer own labels jugs. Each cartridge lasts for approximately one month No pre-soaking required and 100% recyclable.

  • By reducing chlorine, organic impurities, limescale and metals gives better protection of kettles and enhances the taste and aroma of water and hot drinks.
  • Includes 3 x 30 day water filter cartridges.
  • Produces up to 100 litres of filtered water per cartridge.
  • No pre-soaking required.
  • Removes impurities from tap water.
  • Improves the taste and look of hot and cold drinks.
  • Easy fit cartridge.
  • Designed to fit Brita classic jug.
  • Suitable for all water types.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Size H13.7, W17.6, D6cm.


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